Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kailee + Jordan l AZ Couples Session

She saw him up on stage, rocking out to his band.
Playing his heart away, but never would have known he was about to give his whole
heart to a girl from the crowd.
No, she wasn't a groupie, just way too cute for words.
She loved the way he played his guitar
and couldn't help thinking he was just so cute
and she wanted to meet him. Lucky for her,
they ended up having mutual friends and Jordan got the girl of his dreams, Kailee.
You can tell from the look they have for one another,
how madly in love they are. Each photograph I took of them, was
filled with love and a subtle peace.

They are down in AZ for the weekend and was more than happy
I was able to meet them and photograph their love!



Anonymous said...

these are so cute! love all of them

Chelsea said...

These are really great! I love how natural everything looks. Like you just happened to be there during a special moment. Beautiful!

Love, Chelsea

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