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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Home

We moved to a new home!

New BLOG home.

Meanwhile, please keep commenting on the giveaway! :)

Giveaway will be May 15th!! I can't wait :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

FAQ Friday: Skin Retouching + Style

Face it, fashion editorials look so flawless right?
The girls are glamorous, their clothing is spectacular, and their shoes,
oh my... they are to die for!
Although, I wish I could show you a cool fashion shot like that, we will be talking about
skin retouching. I know when I first started, literally softening the skin
with a blur was the best invention ever, right?!
Ok, all jokes aside, when I look at my old work,
I think... Wow, I have come a long way.
And to be perfectly honest, I know that in a couple months, I'll be
like whoa... what was a thinking 2 months ago?
We grow within our craft every single day, right!
And, I'm not saying that this technique is the same one the fashion editors use,
but it still helps to make the skin look natural and smooth.
To all of those who have been asking me about skin, here it is.

I hope this little tip helps. It does help to create a flawless look :)
I use Photoshop, just so you know, in case your menu looks different than mine.

I received a couple questions from Teresa.

Q: How do you go about editing with actions?

A: I do use actions, but I also tweak them to create my own style.
Creating your very own style is so crucial to helping to build your brand and it helps to set you apart from other photographers. When I do use my actions, I mix them with others and bring down the opacity to my liking :)

Q: Do you completely edit before showing your clients their photos?

A: Yes, I always edit before I show my clients. This goes back to style
and after all, your client hired you because of the style you have.

This last question is from Kelsey.

Q: How do you sharpen/save your images?

A: When I go out and photograph, I make sure that they [the photographs] are in focus, to ensure sharpness. Of course, I do sharpen them a tad more through photoshop to add clarity
and that crisp look. I wish the camera would have it that sharp to begin with.
As far as saving, when I save my images, I do them under JPEG and/or TIFF.

Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Molly + Rick + Family l AZ Family Photo session

Most of us have been there, getting out photos done for the very first time.
Many of my clients have had me as their very first ever photographer
and it, honestly, is the best feeling for me.
It's almost like I get to set a standard, you know?
I'm pretty goofy and fun, at least that's what
lots of people tell me! I can see it, I'm a dork.
Anyway, I was Molly and Rick's first ever family photographer.
It was a fun time trying to get little Louis to laugh
and smile. He was a tough one, but he is such a little handsome boy.
Seriously, so adorable. I had so much fun photographing them
and I hope they had as much fun with me, as I did with them.

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CCbK Giveaway

[Even guys like wearing CCbK! Ok, nah Andrew
just loves to be goofy. That's basically why I'm in love with him!]

Classy Creations by Kristy (CCbK)
is hosting a giveaway through Simply D. Photography.
Want to learn how to get the $25 gift certificate?
All you have to do is
"Like" CCbK
(if you haven't already)
and comment on this blog post below.
Tell us what your favorite color is and your favorite type of accessory.
We will have a random drawing on May 15th.
So get your votes in.
Make sure you leave your name and email address as well, so we can
contact you if you win!
And boys, why not win some for your girlfriend
or you can win these for your daughters!
Ladies, hey these headbands literally feel amazing! They don't hurt
and guess what, they are totally cute!!
Can I be any more excited?
Like, I said, it's a $25 gift certificate to CCbK.

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kailee + Jordan l AZ Couples Session

She saw him up on stage, rocking out to his band.
Playing his heart away, but never would have known he was about to give his whole
heart to a girl from the crowd.
No, she wasn't a groupie, just way too cute for words.
She loved the way he played his guitar
and couldn't help thinking he was just so cute
and she wanted to meet him. Lucky for her,
they ended up having mutual friends and Jordan got the girl of his dreams, Kailee.
You can tell from the look they have for one another,
how madly in love they are. Each photograph I took of them, was
filled with love and a subtle peace.

They are down in AZ for the weekend and was more than happy
I was able to meet them and photograph their love!