Simply D.

Hey Everyone!
I'm Diana and I am your most fun and amazing local photographer! 
I'm now located in Wake Forest, North Carolina!
I do photograph in AZ still and will be open for appts there
from April 25th until May 15th. 

My love for photography started when I was, about 2 or 3. Sounds ridiculous, right? I'm not lying. The best gift I ever received was my Big Bird camera! The moment I held it within my tiny fingers, I started taking photos of the most random things! My mom tells me I took photo of my cousin when he was just a newborn! Thus, Big Bird changed my life. I would show you the photos, but.... I was given a fake camera. I have been photographing professionally for almost a year, in March 2011, and I love everything about it! The love, the giggles, the joys of Mom seeing her baby photos! 

Within this year, I have grown so much with my photographic self. just recently, I was published within Phoenix Woman Magazine and have won photography contests! It's such a great feeling and I plan on striving to have more work published! I have many who believe in me and thank to them, my friends, and family, I will be able to continue on with my dreams of having a photography career!

-Simply D.