Photography is not just an hour, it is a limetime of gorgeous photographs. 
It's a tangible product you can look at for the rest of your life.
Maybe you're like me, and you scrapbook every single memory you can fit  
within an 8x10 album.

Or you look through your mini accordion book
every second of the day! Yup, that's me.

And maybe, just maybe, you will appreciate the time and money you did invest 
with Simply D. to create your beautiful photographs that you 
will cherish and hold for the rest of your life.
This is a life long investment, not an hour or two, this is
a lifetime gift.
A gift that any mother would love
from her grandchildren, 
a gift a mother can cherish forever,
a gift an engaged couple can forever hold
and send out to their family!

Besides photographing your beautiful face, I love editing and very much enjoy 
it just as much as when I'm shooting, and that's a lot!
I dedicate my time to making sure your photograph is more than perfect.

That's a huge part of my success with my photographs.

I hope you take into consideration the wonderful opportunity you will be taking with you choose Simply D. for your photographic needs!  Besides, my photos and prints will be in your hands within 8 days or less! Why wait 2 or 3 unnecessary weeks? 

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