Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CCbK Giveaway

[Even guys like wearing CCbK! Ok, nah Andrew
just loves to be goofy. That's basically why I'm in love with him!]

Classy Creations by Kristy (CCbK)
is hosting a giveaway through Simply D. Photography.
Want to learn how to get the $25 gift certificate?
All you have to do is
"Like" CCbK
(if you haven't already)
and comment on this blog post below.
Tell us what your favorite color is and your favorite type of accessory.
We will have a random drawing on May 15th.
So get your votes in.
Make sure you leave your name and email address as well, so we can
contact you if you win!
And boys, why not win some for your girlfriend
or you can win these for your daughters!
Ladies, hey these headbands literally feel amazing! They don't hurt
and guess what, they are totally cute!!
Can I be any more excited?
Like, I said, it's a $25 gift certificate to CCbK.

Happy Tuesday!



amber said...

fav color is red fav accsesory is my victoria seceret purse lol

Anonymous said...

Cute My Favorite Color Is Purple And My Favorite Accessory Is Something For The Hair Either A Clip, Head Band, Or A Cute Flower
~Jessica Serna

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is turquoise and my favorite accessories are bracelets :)

-Lacie Wright

Anonymous said...

mine is orange and favorite accessory are earrings!!


Anonymous said...

I like the shiny dark one! my favorite accessories are anything big and Flashy i can stick in my hair! ROYAL WEDDING style!

-Brittney Lorenzo

Becca said...

Fave color is pink! Fave accessory is small flower pins.


yadira richards said...

Yadira Richards dolce.diaries@gmail.com my favorite color is lavender and I love floral headbands

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is PINK! My favorite accessory is necklace my peace sign necklace.

-Jeanette Mazon

JamieY said...

My favorite color is black and my fav accessory is my rings. jyacksyzn@gmail.com

Henria O. said...

I love red and my favorite accessory is headbands!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is black or brown ..I love my peace ring :) ...
Machavez90@ymail.com .... Megan Chavez (Beans)

Siarrah said...

Favorite color is green && my favorite accessory is defiantly headbands (: I wear them all the time.

Siarrah Gherardini- krazeeuna@yahoo.com

mindy said...

My favorite color is bright green and my favorite accessories are my diamond loop earrings and my green glittery bracelet.


Dalovis said...

My favorite color is teal and my favorite type of accessory is anything that pulls out the color in my outfits, usually a hair clip, bow, or band, with a necklace.

- LaRhonda
- dalovis@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is green and my favorite accessory is my wedding ring and my flower ring.

Diana azmommy480@yahoo.com

Tabitha Hennig said...

My favourite colour is teal and my favourite accessory is either scarves or hair accessories (flowers, bows, and feathers)

Christine S. said...

My favorite color's orange and I love my Miche diaper bag/purse!

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

My favorite color is green and my favorite accessories are my peridot and diamond wedding rings!


Tia said...

My fav. color is purple & headbands are my fav. accessory!

~Tia McDaniel~

Maxie said...

My favorite color is turquoise!, and i love, love, love Hair flowers!

-Maxie Pape-

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is bright pinks and browns. My ultimate favorite accessory is my double finger LOVE ring.. But it got nasty and broke.. Now i am in obsessed with different hair pins..

:) Rosa --- Roblesrosa2390@hotmail.com

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