Thursday, May 5, 2011

Molly + Rick + Family l AZ Family Photo session

Most of us have been there, getting out photos done for the very first time.
Many of my clients have had me as their very first ever photographer
and it, honestly, is the best feeling for me.
It's almost like I get to set a standard, you know?
I'm pretty goofy and fun, at least that's what
lots of people tell me! I can see it, I'm a dork.
Anyway, I was Molly and Rick's first ever family photographer.
It was a fun time trying to get little Louis to laugh
and smile. He was a tough one, but he is such a little handsome boy.
Seriously, so adorable. I had so much fun photographing them
and I hope they had as much fun with me, as I did with them.

Happy Thursday!



Anonymous said...

They really are so cute, wonderful job!

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